an Ogre and a Lamborghini

Yup, I got to see both in one night. This is under the CRV section because Ron and I met up as usual at Mt. Kisco Starbucks. Now we've been meeting there since March 2003. Pretty regularly. We've had some months missed and everyone got busy, but I'd say we've frequented that Starbucks a good 50 times.

So as usual Craig and I arrived around 5:30ish, and Ron same time. We headed over to the Italian deli to get some really good sandwiches. And then over to Starbucks to find some easy chairs, get our frappuchinos, chat about the cars and life.

So......a guy walks in, we didn't even notice him park. He walks in with two friends, and we all went, know that guy looks an awful lot like Mike Meyers (aka Shrek, Austin Powers). So we kinda chatted about it a little more and looked over at the counter to get a better view. But he was a little far away for us to really come to a conclusion. Well they started to head towards the door and that's when we knew it was Mike Meyers. Of course none of us had a camera, and we watched him walk across the street and get into a nice black tinted GMC Yukon.

As we proceeded to gawk out the window and be like, holy crap we just saw Mike Meyers, one of the guys from Starbucks came over and we were like, "that was Mike Meyer, right". And he said, yup and that he comes in 2-3 times a week. Craig just sat there with his jaw dropped in awe. So both him and Ron ended up on the cell phones calling people telling them.

Then to add to all this excitement. Two guys pull up in a bright yellow brand new Lamborghini Gallardo. This thing looked amazing. They proceeded to put on the hazards and just park out in front of the Starbucks, get some frappuchinos and then sit there looking at the car. This thing brought a ton of attention. Some kids in a Subaru Imprezza across the street were just hanging out of the car looking. People were running up taking pics of it with a camera phone. A bunch of 10 year olds came up and checked it out. To add to it all, they were Italian. How often in the US do you see Italians actually driving an Italian car. Did I mention they were really good looking. hehehe. But the car was awesome.

So quite a Friday.

Posted: Mon - June 14, 2004 at 11:34 PM