Wed - October 13, 2004

Fall - my favorite season

I absolutely love the fall. I love the colors, I love that I get to wear sweaters again. I love going out to cooler weather and eating apples, and having cider. It's perfect. Of course it's all a precursor to Christmas and snow, which I love!!

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Tue - September 21, 2004


I believe commuting may very well be the death of me. Well let me state better, commuting on I-84. Between the idiot who cut me off at 80 mph, missing my bumper by about 1 foot, or the numerous accidents every week, and we can't forget the "everytime there is a merge or an exit, ALL traffic must come to a stop".

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Wed - July 28, 2004


I was introduced to this song today. It has some points that are worth thinking on. Even if you don't agree with it, read it and try to understand what he is saying. If your first reaction is anger, then leave and come back and re-read it.

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Sun - July 18, 2004

Jesus in a Mercedes Benz E-Class

Yesterday I was filling up gas, and at the pump on the other side of the island was a Mercedes E-class, brand spanking new. It was filled with 5 people all dressed very well in suits and professional attire. One of the guys came back from paying for gas and I heard him say "Man i love this area", which I then thought, ok you obviously don't live here. LOL. So I'm leaning against my car, pumping my gas and one of the other people comes over and says, "Do you have any kids, because you might want them to read this". I said "No, I don't have any kids". Then he said "How about this, it's about what science says about god". I graciously said, "No, but thank you for offering". He was very nice and thanked me for listening and went back to pumping gas.

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Flags, Flags and more Flags

As election day draws nearer, our country seems to be more and more polarized. There are those in the Bush camp who seem to think anyone who didn't support the war should be kicked out of this country and if you don't have one of the american flags on your car, then you are just not patriotic. (I know I'm generalizing and stereotyping). The same can go for the other side, there are those that feel the Bush camp is really one great big conspiracy and that corporations are taking over.

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Sun - June 27, 2004


Today, we were supposed to meet up with Ron and Liz to see Fahrenheit 9/11 in NYC. After some scheduling conflicts, and then finding out that every showing in NYC from 2:00 until 11:00pm was sold out, we decided it would be easiest for Craig and I to see it up in CT and they saw it when time was available down there.

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Mon - June 14, 2004

ESFP (Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving)

Well I am back to that feeling of what the heck to do with my life. Yeah, I've had this nagging feeling since like 2000 that I want to do something else. Of course it's now been 4 years and I still have no clue. I also tend to be interested in way too many thing to make a freakin' decision as to which would be something I should pursue. Being me, I have to make the "perfect" decision, so I never end up doing any of them, because I want to know the outcome before I take the risk. Exciting person, eh?

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Mon - May 10, 2004

Odd Billboards

Ok, I've got to write about this, because this is now the 4th billboard I've seen for "Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal". These are the questions I've got.

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Fri - May 7, 2004


Do you ever find yourself not confronting a situation because of fear of the outcome? Even though you maybe completely wrong and the outcome is better than you had expected, you put this off.

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