Flags, Flags and more Flags

As election day draws nearer, our country seems to be more and more polarized. There are those in the Bush camp who seem to think anyone who didn't support the war should be kicked out of this country and if you don't have one of the american flags on your car, then you are just not patriotic. (I know I'm generalizing and stereotyping). The same can go for the other side, there are those that feel the Bush camp is really one great big conspiracy and that corporations are taking over.

I started writing this while on my way down to Virginia. We passed lots of cars and lots of bumper stickers. "Proud to be an American", "We Stand Together", and the numerous flags, american eagles, and my all time favorite "If you don't like it, leave".

Such love coming from that last one. Man if I were in another country and read that, let me see, my first thought would be, wow this guy would welcome me into his house and give me dinner if I didn't have a place to go. I'd like to test that.

Here's a thought. If I'm in the country, and have been here for how ever long, I don't need to put a flag on my car to "prove" I'm a fan/supporter of the country. If I didn't like it that much I'd leave. This isn't some dictatorship country where you have to hide away on a ship to escape it. The fact that I am here, to me seems to be a given that I obviously like living here. Not having a flag on my car does not make me "less" patriotic than the next person. I just don't need a symbol to "prove" it.

Same goes with the Proud to be an American stickers. Well, no duh. Did you really need a sticker to tell us all that. How about this, take off the sticker and get active in your local government, or state government. Help people who are less fortunate and show them how a true American acts.

As someone I know once said, life's easy if you just follow this one creed "Be Nice" (thanks Kevin). It sums it all up. If you are nice to people, then they will be nice back, you may have to win them over, and work hard, but it will pay off.

Posted: Sun - July 18, 2004 at 03:33 PM