Sun - September 26, 2004

Life and Death

I was trying to figure out which category to put this under. It's my thoughts on my health. It's a long complicated story.

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Tue - September 21, 2004

Night Riding

I stopped at my local bike shop (Class Cycles) on Thursday after work, and picked up some goodies. I got a floor pump, 2 spare tubes, patch kit, tire popping thingies, and a camelback siren pack. But I also got a headlight and a tailight.

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Sun - September 5, 2004

Schaghticoke Road

I biked on this road on the 14th of August. I was soooo out of shape. Anytime there was a hill, or I had gone about 1000 feet on flat. I had to stop and drink water, and then also stretch my legs. I only made it past the big straight away. All tolled I did about 2.5 miles my first time biking down the road.

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Fri - September 3, 2004


Two weeks ago, when I first got my new bike, we went out riding. I had to stop numerous times to catch my breath or let my legs heal, and also stretching. One week ago, I conquered some fairly large hills for me, and also had to stop and usually walk the bike up hills, between being out of breath and also my thighs feeling like one more push and they'd be permanent cinder blocks.

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Sat - August 14, 2004

Out for a Spin

Well today, we took the bikes out for a ride. I didn't think to bring along the camera for the ride, but I did get a pic of how the bikes are set up on the CRV. We headed up to South Kent and took a 5.5 mile ride down a road that runs along the river. It's mostly dirt and has some paths to go explore along the edges of the woods. The hills didn't appear bad, and by car they don't seem bad but by bike, they were enough to get my heart pumping out of my chest. I thought my legs were going to fall off at one point. I should preface this with, I'm extremely out of shape, pretty overweight, and haven't riden seriously since I was about 14. Oh yeah and I don't exercise regularly. was a big accomplishment for me, and I'm looking forward to many more days like this and enjoying the bikes.

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Fri - August 13, 2004

New Toys

Woohooo!!! Got our new toys today!! I'll post more tomorrow after we go out and play with them.

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